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A brief introduction

About Linkick

Linkick is a team of makers from China and America. We believe a good creation is worth spreading worldwide; that even a smallest idea can lead to a chain reaction. That reaction has the potential to reshape our universe. By respecting your idea and helping your promotion, we can harness technology and a global network to benefit more people across borders. If what you do matters, we help you expand and sustain into the future.

What we do

China is home to one fifth of the world’s population and, as a result, represents the most expansive and fastest growing consumer market on the planet! With affordable manufacturing and efficient and cost-effective shipping/distribution, in combination with a robust internet marketplace, China is the ideal location for you to continue to grow your successful business! With Linkick, we can guide you through the linguistic, legal and logistical issues as you take this next step.

IPR Protection

We know that you put a lot of effort into your project and that you want to see your ideas protected. As your representative in China, Linkick can help you to apply for patents, copyrights, web domains and any other related certifications that will protect your intellectual property rights.

Transnational crowd-funding

We can help you to repeat your successful crowd-funding campaign here in China in order to eliminate the financial burden of growing overseas! Provide us with related material about your project, and, with our expertise in Chinese consumer behaviors and preferences, we will help you adapt a new version that will be well received in the Chinese marketplace. Next, with a number of marketing and crowd-funding tools at hand, we help you to promote your product.

Local production

If you would like to explore options for production locally in China, Linkick can do that too! With your authorization, we will help you locate and contract production with suitable factories that can make your product to your specifications. When considering selling to Chinese consumers, the local production will greatly reduce the cost and avoid the high customs tariffs and shorten the distribution network.

Marketing promotion

Linkick are experts within Chinese marketing, particularly adept in cost-efficient internet marketing and promotions. We will carry out various marketing activities for your creation through our sales channels and media resources in China. We can assure that your product gets the attention of Chinese consumers and leads to health sales.

Profit share

Linkick knows that you have poured your heart and soul, in addition to your substantial finances, into turning your idea into a real product. For this reason, you deserve the vast bulk of the profits to be earned in China. By respecting your creation from the bottom of heart, Linkick proposes a profit-sharing mechanism in which we only require a small portion of profits gained through your Chinese venture. Most of the money will go to you, the original team.

After-sales service

As a team made up of Chinese and Americans, Linkick has the ability to cross linguistic borders. We will provide after-sales service for every product sold in China, so that you do not have to. The border and the language will be no longer barrier.

Crow-funding Growth

Net increasing in last 7 days of the crowd-funding plateform.


How We Do

We know that, as a new or growing business, the idea of expanding overseas might seem ambitious or overwhelming. So we have devised a cooperative framework to streamline the process and take the stress out of going international.

Discussing a Contract

After going over the details, we will sign a contract with you in which we outline all of the specifics of our cooperative partnership and guarantee to protect your intellectual property.

Implementing Work

If you are interested in pursuing Chinese locally based production, we will set to work finding a suitable facility to make your product. After your approval, we can begin production.

Launching Local Crow-funding

With your authorization and suggestion, we will launch internet crowd-funding and other sales activities in China to raise money as the company grows.

Long-term Cooperation

As promotion and sales activities achieve success, we pay you most of the proceeds and discuss another contract to become your long-term cooperative partner.

After-sale Service

We provide after-sales service for consumers as your partner in China, and help your creation to attract further investment in order to continue to grow in the Chinese market.